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Fun, exciting and interesting. The stories we heard were fantastic. We will always carry the memories and never forget the special day. Thank you.
Children's Letter, Year 5

India Fortnight was one of the best two weeks of my life and I will always remember the brilliant time I had
Rosalind, Year 4

I never realised RE could be fun! Awesome. Cool. Best day ever!
Leo, Year 3

Please come again. Please come every year. It was the best day of my life at school.
Children's letter, Year 3

In dancing instead of going crazy like we do, you dance to the sound of the beat. It was very calming & very active... Food tasting was eating in a way I have never done & it made me feel good. It was weird how it actually wasn't weird.
Children's letter, Year 3

This could have been slightly worthy and dull but instead was inspiring, thought-provoking, colourful, joyous and magical. And of course, extremely educational, not least for me and the many other parents who involved themselves!
Governor and Parent, Year 3 after 'India Fortnight'

An example of what 'educating' children is all about; time to reflect, question, create and take risks. It included those with special needs who exhibited exceptional performance and behaviour. There was a great feeling of togetherness and mutual respect and we were all relaxed, happy and inspired throughout! A really exciting inclusive, spiritual experience.
Head Teacher, First School after 'Maths & RE Day'

Delivered all objectives and more. Exceptional value for money and I would unreservedly recommend Sushma to any school looking to develop global citizenship and enrich the learning that is taking place; A fantastic experience for the whole school community!
Head Teacher, First School after 'India Fortnight'

You have been such a star! Open, friendly, bubbly - just the sort of visitor/teacher to excite, enthuse and teach us too. We have all learnt so much, the children have really loved it and what questions they have asked! Thank you so much.
Head Teacher, Primary School after 'Hinduism Day'

Thoughtful, thorough planning & preparation. On the day, Children were motivated, enthused, inspired and engaged and children who normally shy away from activities, just shone.The whole day was inspirational for both adults and children in the whole school community. It has developed knowledge and understanding which is exactly the outcome we were looking for. I have no doubt that we wil be asking Sushma to visit again and are grateful to find her. Thank you Sushma, you are a person that when met, is always remembered.
Assistant Head, Junior School

Excellent, open collaboration and brilliant planning beforehand. Huge Impact on children & adults. We loved your patience, calmness, energy & enthusiasm over two days. Amazed how you dealt with all the questions and were able to work so well acros the age ranges. Hope to see you again!!
RE Coordinator, Combined School

Amazing! Fantastic Whole School participation! Really opened the children's eyes through so many different ways. Particularly enjoyed hearing Sanskrit. Some incredible artwork produced across the school. All of the children and staff loved it!!
RE Coordinator, Primary School

A lovely, lively day which all the children & adults loved! Really deepened their learning & understanding too. The children came out buzzing!
RE Coordinator, C of E Combined School

Increased my knowledge and helped me clarify some v. tricky concepts. Elicited an impressive depth of questioning and thinking from pupils.
RE Coordinator, Junior School

Holi was loved by all. A really lovely day...students felt a little richer in experience for having been involved.
Head of Maths. Secondary Academy (after Year 8 Maths & RE Enrichment Day)

Watching Sushma answer each child's question so perfectly making them think deeply and differently and take the topic anywhere they wanted to go has made my week and reminded me why I became a teacher.
Head of Year 6, Middle School

RE is not always an easy subject to motivate & inspire our pupils but Sushma's organisation, planning, knowledge, skills, expertise & enthusiasm ensured a fun & exciting day. The children's knowledge and understanding as well as mine has increased significantly. She was an inspirational leader for the day, completely engaging ALL the children in developing their understanding whilst treating the children's own needs and beliefs with such respect and sensitivity. Some powerful self expression produced through Art and fantastic learning about Journeys which had a huge impact on the children. A real treat of a day.
Teacher, Year 6 after 'Faith & Belonging Day'

My colleague and I found the workshop with Sushma incredibly inspiring and creative. What she did within the workshop was fascinating for all.
Teacher, Year 5

No easy task!" (to put a whole school through a day workshop) Phenomenal!!! The plan was absolutely brilliant, so thorough and such high quality.
Deputy Head and Year 3 Teacher

Today has been everything that I hoped for and more! A fantastically organised and very enlightening day with so much valuable learning. Great comparisons between HIndu and Christian Wedding Ceremonies. Thank you!
Assistant Head and Year 2 Teacher after 'An Indian Wedding Invitation'

Thoroughly enjoyable and educational day for the children. Something they will remember and will have hopefully enthused them in their learning of not just Hinduism but RE as a whole.
Head of RE and Year 4 Teacher

Good mix of deep thinking, practical activity and creative expression. All the children joined in and even the adults couldn't resist taking part! Short of going to India, this was a great enhancement to the children's previous learning!
Year 4 Teacher after 'Hinduism, Living the Philosophy Day'

The Children have had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our world and the people within our community.
Year 4 Teacher

A wonderful two days which brings Hinduism and all its vibrancy and colour to the classroom. The multi-sensory combination of activities enabled all children to access the experience. The children definitely enjoyed the workshops and the depth of discussion and reflection from them was impressive.
Year 3 Teacher after 'Two Days exploring Faith & Belonging'

All the children were completely engaged, in particular the ones who wouldn't normally involve themselves.
Year 3 Teacher

Bollywood Dancing was completely appropriate to abilities and maturity and thoroughly enjoyed as evident through all the smiles and participation. Children learned new facts about other religions and were completely Wow'ed! Amazing to see them complete a term's worth of work in one day to such a high standard! They will be talking about this event for a long time to come. Well done and thank you from all of us!
Year 2 Teacher after Whole School Dance Day

The children were very engaged and learnt so much...Your careful preparation made it feel so 'natural'. Thank you for such a worthwhile experience. You are truly a great presenter and I'm happy we could make this connection!
Year 2 Teacher after 'Diwali by Skype'

Bhangra Dancing was great. The movements were carefully and slowly built on to support all abilities. Very Enjoyable. Super!
Year 1 Teacher

Mind-blowing and Fabulous!
Deputy Head at Teacher's Conference Talk 'Hinduism - A way of Being and How to Teach it'

Brilliant! Informative, Creative and Energising.
RE Co-ordinator at Teacher's Conference Talk 'Hinduism: Creativity & Literacy in the Classroom'

Absolutely invaluable to have Sushma with us. She had planned the visit just for us. We got so much more personally and professionally from the experience. All my colleagues said the same and felt so much more confident and aware of the practices. Would definitely recommend to others!
RE Co-ordinator after Teacher's INSET Morning - 'Mandir Visit'

Colourful & Inspiring...A sparkling contribution. Refreshing to look at a different tradition. (Sushma, ) you have a lovely way of opening out this work as you embody well your tradition.... Memorable. Lucid Explanations, both Informative and Delightful!
Audience members at 'The Divine Feminine: A Hindu Perspective' Talk

Not only do I understand about Hinduism, I actually understand my own faith better after listening to this talk!

Audience member at 'Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism): Ancient Wisdom to Contemporary Life' Talk

Engaging and positive...but also extremely clear, well-illustrated, well-argued, continually thought-provoking and altogether in a higher league!
Audience member at Sea of Faiths Talk:'From Ancient Traditions to Modern Challenges: Learning from Religious Heritage'