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Presenting carefully crafted, spiritually-rich, creative education opportunities.
Stimulating EACH child into making their own, unique, sensory & cerebral connections through interactive play.

Some possible and previously delivered Events (This is just a reference sample of an ever-growing list!)
One Day Workshop Events

Artefacts and Sanskrit: Inside Hinduism through Vivid Story-telling & Cultural Anecdotes based around Hands-on Artefact Exploration, including culture/celebration/home/prayers/etc and hearing samples in the original oral tradition of ancient scriptures.

Moksha by Munchies: A thought-provoking, palate-pleasing tour of Hindu Life-Steps (Cultural, Philosophical & Delicious!)
An engaging presentation of fascinating insights tracing Hindu life-paths, linked to a tasting 'Thali' of child-friendly, Indian Festival Foods

Sacred Journeys & Relationships: A rich day of creative arts, physical challenges, vibrant images & fascinating facts. Deep learning & great fun!

An Indian Wedding Invitation: Children become a part of a very special Celebration. A sequence of activites exploring the universal themes & specific features of this rich, colourful, memorable day including Art, Language, Story, Food and Dance

Hindu Life in the UK: A Child's eye view through a range of multi-sensory activities including Stories, Questions and Answers, Art, Music, Language, Games and Dance

How Hindus Worship: Explore this fascinating culture through a multi-workshop day of festive food, dance, music, art & stories

Colours of India: An exciting cross-curricular (Maths, Art & RE) hands-on insight into vibrant colours, shapes and their meaning in Hindu Culture

Hinduism, Living the Philosophy: A deeper exploration of the Philosophical & Cultural meanings through a rich variety of fun Creative Arts Activities (for schools who have some basic familiarity with Curriculum Hinduism and are looking for more from an authentic Visitor)

Indian Dance Day: A Bollywood and/or Bhangra Musical Extravaganza!

Celebrating Differences: A lively musical opportunity to connect surprising similarities as well as engaging differences between India & the UK

Religion, Spirituality & the Natural World: A vibrant, multi-sensory and thought-provoking exploration of how the World Faiths traditionally relate and connect to our Environment.

Pack your Palate - Travel the World: Simple, Delicious food from the 5 continents as a way of exploring diversity and similarity of cultures and climates

School Assemblies

Connecting with India:  Jawdropping facts & more links to UK then we might think!

Faiths & Festivals of India: incl. Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism

Spring Celebration Around the World:  Fascinating look at the rich diversity of ways this Season is welcomed.

Ancient Wisdom from Around the World:
 This is a Series (or Menu) of Assemblies using colourful stories and fascinating facts and images from the Ancient World (Celts, Aborigines, etc.) to stimulate a fresh appraisal of the issues, values and choices facing our Modern World

Themed Events & Multi-Date Festivals

RE Two Days exploring Faith & Belonging through Hinduism A rich, thematic whole-school exploration through deep connection & light play using Music, Art, Drama, Dance, Story, Games & Authentic Artefacts. Differentiated across key stages, extremely well received by Staff & Children alike.

RE Two Days on Festivals:whole school engagement exploring the festivals of Hinduism. A chance for every child to engage with Celebration Music, Community Dance, Cultural Significance & Spiritual Art ending with a Festival Finale! Has worked well with another faith such as Judaism being covered either by School staff or a Jewish Visitor ( in parallel.

India Fortnight: Ten days themed as Music, Dance, Faiths & Festivals, Food, Art, Geography, Trade, Games and many more culminating with an unforgettable Final Celebration Day!

Interactive Sessions by Skype now Available

Diwali by Skype! Meaning and Celebration of Diwali for Hindus: A Child's eye view through an engaging and interactive Skype presentation of Stories, Questions and Answers, Music, Artefacts and Demonstration