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Open Learning

Who am I? Do I belong? How am I different? What matters to me?

Learning how other people in other places and times have dealt with the same problems is an exciting way for children to engage with these questions for themselves.

By directly exploring other cultures/belief systems children:

experience and appreciate the rich diversity of ways of thinking, eating, dancing, living, being, that are in the world.

make deeper connections of respect, empathy and sustainable relationship not only with others but themselves.

develop a healthy curiosity and a lively interest in the unfamiliar rather than fear and prejudice of it.

By being fun, stimulating and open-ended, Open Learning workshops can:

enrich and supplement the curriculum-driven learning

deliver direct experiences enabling individualised transformation and breakthroughs of understanding

encourage children to think independently and deeply about the 'big questions' and relevance of these questions to every-day life-choices

nurture creativity and individuality, encouraging character development, self-awareness and self-esteem

go wherever each unique group of children's curiosity takes them. I have had discussions of Hinduism, led by the children's questions, incorporate topics from Ecology to Multi-Lingualism to Quantum Physics!