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Maths and Literacy Clinics

Ministry for the Mathematically Bruised

Working 1:1 with Children who are having problems with Mathematics. Quite often this has become a psychological block where the child has lost faith in their ability to 'do' Maths. Sushma works closely with the child to find the best way of assisting them in mastering the material so that session by session their self-confidence develops as they witness their own mind tackling the work and achieving results!

Many children leave these sessions loving the subject and happy to tackle new topics!

The Reading Clinic

Working with children who are not fluent in reading for their age. Sushma has a vast repertoire of creative games which are designed to highlight and strengthen whichever of the many complex skills that go towards fluent reading that is not operating at strength.

These games and puzzles are extremely fun and often the child has no idea that they are developing literacy skills! We have had children who have only needed two or three sessions to connect up the internal 'wiring' of reading and gone on to read well above their age.

An extraordinary process to witness and a privilege to facilitate.